Remote Data Backup & Data Recovery Services

Would your business survive a catastrophic data loss?

Many businesses invest in equipment and security but leave critical data unprotected. And yet, the loss of business-critical data is often a leading factor in the demise of many companies every year. The consequences of data loss are dire: 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. Company data storage is often distributed and can be dependent upon individual employees. For example, in addition to servers, many companies—especially during the pandemic—have employees working remotely and on laptops which are not backed up. This becomes noteworthy when you consider that a recent study by Gartner shows that 25% of all PC users suffer from data loss each year. 

Does your business store sensitive information, like medical, legal or financial records of your clients? If so, data loss can impact more than just your company—it can represent a significant liability.

Remote Data Backup Services

NCIT can help design a disaster recovery plan for your business that takes all factors impacting your data into account. There are options for recovery, such as the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point (RPO) that impact the frequency of backup and how best to accomplish it. We are able to provide a range of remote and onsite backup solutions, as well as daily monitoring of logs to ensure that backups are occurring and that the data being backed up is accessible and able to be restored.

Our remote backup solutions provide offsite copies on our backup server to protect your data from theft, fire or other disasters that can occur at your physical location. Whether you are upgrading from an older backup model, or implementing your first, we can provide you with options, as well as get you set up with a reliable program that is affordable, scalable and customizable to your operations. 

Data Recovery Services

Has disaster struck? If so, our team of experienced IT professionals are on hand to provide emergency data recovery services. From server recovery, desktop and laptop data recovery, hardware failures, human errors, missing data, malware, cyber attacks and natural disasters, we can help. Our technicians have experience with a wide range of storage technologies and systems; we understand how crucial recovery of your data is and make it our priority to recover it for you. 

NCIT is a trusted provider of backup and recovery services for businesses in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and the greater Triad business community. We welcome the opportunity to help you protect your business and its data.

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