Network Administration

Network administration is a critical function for all businesses, yet one that often can go neglected until disaster strikes. For companies without an in-house IT person, the important and regular tasks of updating servers and software, installing patches, confirming and test-restoring backups and other essential network maintenance work can be forgotten or inconsistently done, exposing the business to significant risk for system failure, breach, data loss and downtime.

NCIT can close the gap, providing affordable, professional, outsourced network administration services to ensure that your network is properly managed and monitored. Our team provides proactive network management so that you are able to contain costs while keeping the computers, servers and other network hardware that you have invested in optimally functioning to support your operations.

Affordable, Expert IT Help

Some of the services that we can provide when managing your network include:

  • monitoring your servers and the computers which connect to them
  • applying patches and installing software updates
  • installing, monitoring and updating security systems
  • adding/removing employees from the network and setting permissions for access levels
  • maintaining data backups and confirming that they are able to be successfully restored
  • troubleshooting issues
  • installing new software applications
  • installing needed hardware such as wireless access points, network printers, servers and video conferencing systems or components
  • monitoring your network's traffic for performance bottlenecks and suspicious activity
  • installing and configuring new computers and servers as needed


Do What You Do Best—We'll Do The Rest

Outside of the significant risks that unmanaged IT represents, it's worth considering the time cost, stress and missed opportunities that happen when non-IT staff are tasked with managing computers, servers and networks. What work has had to be set aside in order to add new employees to the network and make sure their systems are set up, access properly granted/restricted, etc.? What is the stress load on your team when you have an outage, inaccessible files, inability to restore accidentally deleted files or issue related to server access? When you stop to think about it, these tasks can take up significant amounts of time and still may not be properly addressed. NCIT can help!

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Not sure what your business needs in regards to IT? We get it! Our information technology audit is free with no obligations. We'll evaluate what you have in place and provide you with the information and any help you need to make the appropriate decisions for your business.

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